To the Birders Slack team

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This is a community for the discussion of birding-related topics. It’s an inclusive, respectful place to network and have fun. It’s not affiliated with any organization, and it isn’t selling anything. Its upkeep is a volunteer labor of love.

What is Slack?

Slack is collaboration software produced by the company Slack Technologies. Many of us have found it to be a great way to manage communication with teammates at work and in other settings. We use the free plan, which includes just about every feature we might want.

How to join

Anyone can join, and it’s free - simply follow the steps here.

What to do when you join

These are all optional, but will probably help you make connections and find your way around faster!

  1. Introduce yourself. This is what the #intros channel is for. Where are you from? What brought you here?

  2. Update your profile. Add a photo, say where you live, plug your blog or Twitter. Whatever else you think people should know.

  3. Explore the channels. There are channels organized around regions (e.g. #nyc, #los-angeles), birding events, and various other birding topics.

  4. If there’s no home for your favorite topic, create it! Anyone can create a channel. Feel free to announce your new channel in #general.

How to get help

Who runs this thing?

This is all pretty low-maintenance, but to the extent that anyone runs it, that would be the administrators - currently:

Josh Chapman Twitter GitHub

If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out! Hit us up on Slack or email birders.help@gmail.com.